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Here’s a brief excerpt taken from The Natural Way of Farming:

“I have begun thinking that the natural farming experience may be of some help, however small, in revegetating the world and stabilizing the food supply.  Although some will call the idea outlandish, I propose that the seeds of certain plants be sown over the deserts in clay pellets to help green those barren lands.

These pellets can be prepared by first mixing the seeds of green manure trees–such as black wattle–that grow in areas with an annual rainfall of less than 2 inches, and the seeds of clover, alfalfa, bur clover, and other types of green manure, with grain and vegetable seeds.

The mixture is coated first with a layer of soil, then one of clay, to form microbe-containing clay pellets.  These finished pellets could then be scattered by hand over the deserts and savannahs.

Once scattered, the seeds within the hard clay pellets will not sprout until rain has fallen and conditions are just right for germination.  Nor will they be eaten by mice and birds. A year later, several of the plants will survive, giving a clue as to what is suited to the climate and the land.

In certain countries to the south, there are reported to be plants that will grow on rocks or trees that store water. Anything will do, as long as we get the deserts blanketed rapidly with a green cover of grass. This will bring back the rains.

Deserts do not form because there is no rain; rather, rain ceases to fall because the vegetation has disappeared.”

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