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We believe that putting your hands in the soil and planting a seed (of any plant), watching it grow and nurturing it every day, is the most evolved Way of Being a person could aspire to live on this planet–to live in Harmony with the Earth.

We also stand for the inalienable Human Right to grow our own Food–only from organic, heirloom seeds.  Nothing will come between Humanity’s natural ability for cultivating plants.  Not even genetic science.   To this Aim, we direct the Light arrows of our Will, that they should fly with the speed of Thought.  And take our Message directly to the Earth.  So that She may know that We have Awakened to our Original Purpose, as Stewards for All Living Things.

We know the Earth gives of Herself so that we may harvest food.  We appreciate Her sacrifice, but do not abuse Her gift by spraying toxic chemicals.  We do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or GMO seed.

If the genetic scientists enjoy splicing, shuffling, mismatching, and replacing the genes of certain high nutrition foods so much, then let them eat the results; let them deal with the physical consequences of eating GMO food.  Has anyone actually bought the idea that these food scientists know more than the Universe?  More than Nature, herself?  Seriously?

We believe that in the contest to see who could Create a better tasting, more nutritious mango, Nature would win by a landslide.  (The scientists would lose hands down.)

As for Us:  We grow Organic vegetables in urban community gardens.  We share our harvest.  We reject GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, and the use of any chemicals whatsoever.  We say, “No one will take our Freedom to Grow our Own Food!”

Everyone has the right to grow their own Clean, Organic Food. So Get Out There and Spread the Word:  Grow and Eat Organic.  Use only Organic Heirloom Seeds.


Posted May 18, 2010 by alex hroz

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